Photo Rudi Caeyers



Premiered 24th of August 2020 outside Kunstforeningen in Tromsø, Norway

LuxTempus is a collaboration between myself, Mari Lotherington and Torbjørn T Sandnes.


The projects is an outdoor performance where installation art, interactive art and dance is combined to create a visceral experience where natural light, weather, time and movement is integrated. 

The project is a result from wanting to make performing arts during a worldwide pandemic without having to use an online platform. We wanted to go back to being live, in front of an audience without causing any contamination risk. 

The project received funding from the Covid-19 emergency funds provided by the Norwegian Arts Council. 

Choreographer and dancer Mathilde Caeyers

Lighting and set designer Torbjørn T Sandnes
Costume and set designer Mari Lotherington

Composer Alexander Aarøen Pedersen

Funded by Norwegian Arts Council
Photos Rudi Caeyers


Photo Rudi Caeyers

© Mathilde Caeyers 2020