Premiered 24th of August 2020 outside Kunstforeningen in Tromsø, Norway

Photo Rudi Caeyers

LuxTempus* is an outdoor performance where installation art, interactive art and dance is combined to create a momentarily halt in time within the public, open space. It is a surprisingly colourful installation where light, time, weather and movement is integrated to give random by-passers an unexpected experience, reminding them to notice what is happening within the moment.

The project is a collaboration between set designer Mari Lotherington, lighting designer Torbjørn T Sandnes and myself. The installation is inspired by the arctic midnight sun, but also a result from wanting to make performing arts during a worldwide pandemic without having to use an online platform.

Light, wind and rain affect how the installation, with its colourful panels, is perceived by those around. It is therefore both a reflecting object reacting to its environments, but also an interactive installation where you are free to move around and walk inside.

*lux (lat.: light), tempus (lat.: time)

Choreographer and dancer Mathilde Caeyers

Lighting and set designer Torbjørn T Sandnes
Costume and set designer Mari Lotherington

Composer Alexander Aarøen Pedersen

Funded by Norwegian Arts Council


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