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Photo Kristina Lang-Ree


Mathilde Caeyers is a contemporary dancer and choreographer currently living and working in the North of Norway. She graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor Honours Degree in dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. 


Her choreographic practice continuously evolves in close collaboration with installation art and music composition. Mathilde draws inspiration from philosophy, creating performances that explore everything from consciousness, time as a non-linear construct, to determinism and free-will. 

Mathilde was recently awarded an artist grant from the Arctic Arts Festival | Festspillene i Nord-Norge, where she will premiere her second full length stage performance New Religion in 2021. She will also create a commissioned piece together with Icelandic musician Bjarki and visual artist and film director Arttu Nieminen for Extreme Chill Festival and Insomnia.


Mathilde is director of the Forum for North Norwegian Dance Artists and board member for the performing arts festival Vårscenefest.