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Photo Kristina Lang-Ree


Mathilde Caeyers is a dancer and choreographer currently  living and working in the North of Norway. She graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor Honours Degree in dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


Since graduating Mathilde has co-created the contemporary dance company Intakt and worked as the main choreographer and artistic director of the company’s first production Eksogen. Currently she is trying to establish herself and the company in the North of Norway, while working freelance for choreographers and festivals within the region.


In 2020 she is working on LuxTempus, an outdoor installation combining set design with natural lighting design and dance with funding from the the Covid emergency funds provided by the Norwegian Arts Council.


Furthermore she will be working on a commissioned work for electronic music festivals Extreme Chill Festival and Insomnia in collaboration with Icelandic electronic musician Bjarki. In addition, Mathilde was recently awarded and artist grant from the Norwegian performing arts festival Festspillene i Nord-Norge and will premiere her second full length stage performance during next year’s festival.


To strengthen her connection to and influence of the professional dance scene in the North of Norway, Mathilde has become board member of both the Forum for North Norwegian Dance Artists and the performing arts festival Vårscenefest.

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