Mathilde Caeyers is a dancer and choreographer currently living and working in the North of Norway. She graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor Honours Degree in dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


Since graduating Mathilde has co-created the contemporary dance company Intakt and worked as the main choreographer and artistic director of the company’s first production Eksogen. Currently she is trying to establish herself and the company in the North of Norway, while working freelance for choreographers and festivals within the region.


She was recently awarded and artist grant from the Norwegian performing arts festival Festspillene i Nord-Norge and will premiere her second full length stage performance during next year’s festival.


To strengthen her connection to and influence of the professional dance scene in the North of Norway, Mathilde has become board member of both the Forum for North Norwegian Dance Artists and the performing arts festival Vårscenefest.

Photo by Tom Pallant


Photo by Kristina Lang-Ree

Eksogen is Mathilde's debut performance as a choreographer created in collaboration with the newly established North-Norwegian contemporary dance company Intakt. The show aims to explore whether there is a potential for violence in each individual human body through the philosophical lense of psychologist Carl Jung.


It delves into the process of realising the shadow that is welded into our deep unconscious mind and evolves around Jung's quote: that which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate - C.G. Jung. Eksogen premiered in August 2019, and did guest performances at the Platform Nord festival and Dissidanse Dance Festival the same year. 


Mathilde additionally got the opportunity to show a solo excerpt from the show during Vårcenefest 2019, which was reviewed by journalist Anki Gerhardsen as 

Photo by Hydar Dewachi

Choreography Mathilde Caeyers, with dancers

Dancers Mathilde Caeyers, Lise Damsgård and Sofie Westvik 

Music Gustav Jørgensen

Executive producer Linda Birkedal/Dansearena nord 

Set design Peder Unger Weierholt, Mathilde Caeyers

Stage Technician Peder Unger Weierholt 

Lighting designer Nicolas Horne 

Mentor Jenny Svensson/Uredd talentprogram. 

Supported/funded by The Norwegian Arts Council, Tromso Municipally, Fnnd, Tvibitstigen, Dansearena nord


Eksogen II is an interactive film version of the original stage performance, where you as an audience member can choose the outcome of the storyline by choosing different options that pop up on the screen throughout the film.


Eksogen II was created because the performing arts festival Vårscenefest had to cancel their festival, due to Covid-19, and decided to go online instead. The festival asked us (Intakt) to come up with an idea that could work on an online platform, and with that this film became a reality.

The material used within both the stage performance and in the making of the film is black tissue paper and has been reused and recycled. 

Concept, direction Mathilde Caeyers
Choreography Mathilde Caeyers, Sofie Westvik and Lise Damsgård (Intakt)

Dancers Mathilde Caeyers

Music Gustav Jørgensen

Filmed by Eirik Nikolai Heim and Stein Erik Simonsen

Edited by Eirik Nikolai Heim 

Producer Vårscenefest

Set design Peder Unger Weierholt, Mathilde Caeyers

Stage Technician Peder Unger Weierholt 

Lighting designer Peder Unger Weierholt 

Location Rådstua Teaterhus

Contributors Vårscenefest, Rådstua Teaterhus, Crux Film 

Mathilde Caeyers

0047 92309873

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