Photo by Hydar Dewachi

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Dans hos haakon

Dans Hos Haakon is a collaborative video project between myself, freelance dance artist Karianne Andreassen and Hos Haakon.


Hos Haakon is a newly established furniture and interior design store in Tromsø, Norway. It is situated in a beautiful building which has housed several interior design businesses since 1923. The store focuses mainly on nordic and local design, and is highly treasured by locals as a gem within the city centre. 

With the goal of connecting dance with local businesses in the North of Norway, me and Karianne Andreassen decided to get together with videographer Bård Mathisen/Motskudd Media and film this concept video inside Haakon's store. After a challenging spring with Covid-19, our local businesses and the dance community have struggled and therefore we decided to get together and think of new solutions. This video is the result!

Concept Mathilde Caeyers, Karianne Andreassen
Choreography Mathilde Caeyers, Karianne Andreassen

Dancers Mathilde Caeyers, Karianne Andreassen

Music Martin Pyne

Filmed and edited by Bård Mathisen (Motskudd Media)

Location Hos Haakon

Contributors Hos Haakon, Exolo, Wabi Sabi (jewellery)
Funded by Tromsø Municipally, Forum For Nordnorske Dansekunstnere, Tvibitstigen, Trafo

© Mathilde Caeyers 2020