Mathilde Caeyers is a contemporary dancer and choreographer currently living and working in the North of Norway. She graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor Honours Degree in dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. 


Her choreographic practice continuously evolves in close collaboration with installation art and music composition. Mathilde draws inspiration from philosophy, creating performances that explore everything from consciousness, time as a non-linear construct, to determinism and free-will. 

Mathilde was recently awarded an artist grant from the Arctic Arts Festival | Festspillene i Nord-Norge, where she will premiere her second full length stage performance New Religion in 2021. She will also create a commissioned piece together with Icelandic musician Bjarki for Extreme Chill Festival and Insomnia.


Mathilde is director of the Forum for North Norwegian Dance Artists and board member for the performing arts festival Vårscenefest.

Mathilde Caeyers HS-5 B&W.jpg
Mathilde Caeyers oktober 2018 Foto Jens

Photo by Jens Kristian Nilsen



09.2014 - 05.2018

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Bachelor Honours Degree in dance

Liverpool, UK

08.2013 - 05.2014

Trøndertun Folkehøgskole

One Year Dance Intensive

Trondheim, Norway

08.2010 - 06.2013

Kongsbakken Videregående Skole (High School)

Music, Dance and Drama

Tromsø, Norway



Forum for North Norwegian Dance Artists (FNND)

2021 - 2023 Director

2019 - 2020 Co-director


Vårscenefest Festival

2020 - 2022 Board member

RadArt - Network for performing arts
2021 - 2023 Board member

Work 2018-2022

Fly on the wall (2021/22)

  / Insight into company life and ///performance processes of winter ///guests/Alan Lucien Øyen

///2021/22│Oslo Opera House, Norway


New Religion

Choreographer, artistic director

and dancer

  / Performance @Nordlysfestivalen ///2022│Tromsø, Norway

  / Premiere @Arctic Arts Festival ///2021│Harstad, Norway



Choreographer, co-director and dancer

  / Tour with Dansenett Norge ///2022│Norway

  / Performance @Dansefestival Barents ///2020│Hammerfest, Norway

  / Premiere @Tromsø Kunstforening ///2020│Tromsø, Norway


Bjarki Collaboration (working title)

Choreographer, co-director and dancer

  / Performance @Insomnia music festival ///2021│Tromsø, Norway

  / Residency and premiere @Extreme ///Chill Festival 2021│Reykjavik, Iceland


Mun dajan mii / Jeg snakker Oss by Jakop Janssøn

Co-choreographer and dancer

  / Performance @Nordlysfestivalen ///2021│Tromsø, Norway


KATMA/Katrine Strøm


  / Mørkemodig tour

///2021│Oppland, Norway

///(Cov. cancellation)

  / Mørkemodig tour

///2020│Troms og Finnmark, Norway ///(Cov. cancellation)

  / Utsikt tour

///2021│Troms og Finnmark, Norway

  / Utsikt tour

///2020│Troms og Finnmark, Norway
  / Ritsj tour 

    2021│Troms og Finnmark, Norway

  / Ritsj performance @Vårscenefest ///2020│Tromsø, Norway

///(Cov. cancellation)

  / Ritsj tour

///2020│Nordland, Norway

///(Cov. cancellation)


Arctic Innovation Week by Innovation Norway

Co-choreographer, dancer and speaker/debater

  / Performance 2020 @Storgata ///Camping│Tromsø, Norway

XNAKK by Innovation Norway


  / Video about sustainability within the ///arts│Tromsø, Norway

Dans Hos Haakon (dancefilm)

Co-choreographer and dancer

  / Filmed in 2020 @Hos Haakon furniture ///store│Tromsø, Norway


Eksogen II (interactive dancefilm)

Choreographer, artistic director and dancer

  / Premiere @Vårscenefest 2020 (digital ///festival)│Tromsø, Norway

Joikemusikal by Elle Sofe Sara


  / Outdoor testfilming

///2020│Kautokeino, Norway


Smelt by Sofie Westvik


  / Premiere @Vårscenefest ///2020│Tromsø, Norway

///(Cov. cancellation)

  / Residency in 2020 @Dansearena ///nord│Hammerfest, Norway



Artistic director, choreographer and dancer

  / Performance @Dissidanse Dance ///Festival 2019│Ajaccio, Corsica

  / Performance @Platform Nord ///2019│Kristiansand, Norway

  / Premiere in 2019 @Kulturhuset i ///Tromsø│Tromsø, Norway

  / Work in progress @Vårscenefest ///2019│Tromsø, Norway

  / Work in progress @FNND anniversary ///2019│Tromsø, Norway

  / Residency in 2019 @Dansearena ///nord│Hammerfest, Norway


UREDD Talentprogram

Selected artist

  / RadArts talent program
///2018/2019│Tromsø, Norway


Norwegian Arts Council
//6 grants│2018, 2019, 2020


Sparebankstiftelsen SNN
//2 grants│2019, 2020


Arctic Arts Festival
//1 grant│2020


//4 grants│2019, 2020


Fritt Ord
//1 grant│2020


Tromsø Municipally
//2 grants│2019, 2020


//4 grants│2018, 2019, 2020


//2 grants│2019, 2020


//1 grant│2020


Linda Birkedal

Dansearena nord

0047 971 62 723


Jenny Svensson

Uredd Talentprogram

0047 913 12 533

Linda Birkedal

Dansearena nord

0047 971 62 723